Lowman Elementary and The Courtyard Wonders

An update on “Courtyard Wonders” development.  Are all Los Vaqueros familiar with the 2009 project in which Los V partnered with Lowman Elementary School and constructed a garden within the courtyard of the school?  The garden contains multiple beds, irrigated and filled with quality/plant-able soil to grow vegetables.  The garden also contains an irrigated section for planting desert plants and a fish pond.  The children maintain the entire garden, grow the food, and study life cycles of the plants and fish.  Are all Los Vaqueros familiar with the 2010 project in which Los V built bug habitats for Lowman Elementary?  The garden furthered the study of creature life cycles allowing Lowman to add the study of Aquatic Snails, Bess Beetles, Crayfish, and more.  These wonderful education tools were created through acts of an amazing School Principal, dedicated School Teachers, and community minded Los Vaqueros.  When we think about what a single project has spawned and built the real question is: are we prepared to participate in the next “single project” and see where it goes?  Reach out to the Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen and ask how you can participate, if you are not you are missing out on the fun and the next “single project”.