Hydroponic Garden Systems – The Sequel

In addition to donating time and money to children’s education programs and military families throughout Southern Nevada, Los Vaqueros also builds hydroponic garden systems in partnership with the Green Our Planet program. Hydroponic garden systems compliment Green Our Planet’s existing outdoor garden systems which can be found in over 120 Clark County schools and serve as an educational hydroponic education tool.

The initial 11 hydroponic garden systems were guided by the Green Our Planet’s Team Leaders assigned to each school. The team leaders and each school’s Garden Team enthusiasm, physical labors including hammering, drilling and cutting lumber and dedication to the program led to highly successful garden systems.

On March 24, 2018 the Los Vaqueros team worked together to construct another seven hydroponic garden systems. The day’s activities were incident and accident free with each system ready for mounting lights and garden systems, which will be installed next week.

More information about Hydroponic Garden Systems can be found at H2Ogrowlv.com.

Our awesome volunteers were:

Joe Struck www.paradigminsuranceagency.com

Kim McQuarrie greenourplanet.org

Taylor Quiram greenourplanet.org

Justin Anderson terracontracting.com and galtdev.com

Brian Eller iqcsouthwest.com

Ken McDonald newfields.com

Alex Koch eurekamesquite.com

Ben Parks Teradata.com

Tim Spreitzer https://www.lexisnexis.com/en-us/gateway.page

Ken Welden collinsengr.com

Kevin Little John and his son, Joseph iqcsouthwest.com

Jim Gianoulakis swgas.com

Rodney Rich a-jpartners.com